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Climate Change Specialists

The Expert Group is an independent consulting firm with extensive experience working with government and private enterprise, in the development of climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy policies and programs, as well as delivering innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions that help businesses to thrive in a highly competitive, carbon-constrained world.

We recognize that businesses need to stay focused on the bottom line and specialize in transforming energy costs into profits by systematically identifying, developing and implementing energy efficiency and low carbon projects with compelling payback periods and long term sustainable benefits.

The Expert Group has a multi-disciplined team of consultants with professional training in engineering, economics, research, marketing, statistics, and information technology.

Our clients, expert informants and networks cover the full spectrum of the economy including corporations, small to medium enterprises, State and Federal policy makers, industry associations and international inter-governmental agencies. We consistently earn the trust of our clients by understanding their objectives, respecting their confidentiality, and deliver exceptional value with first class service.

Please contact us for an in confidence, no-obligation discussion on how we can assist.

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Cut Emissions, Save Energy and Adapt!

Climate policy and technology is rewriting business rules, which is creating opportunities and posing threats to existing business models. Those managers and business owners that react quickly to such forces, or even better, anticipate them, can use them to advantage and protect or improve the bottom line by minimising risks, capturing emerging market opportunities and spurring innovation. We offer a range of services to prepare your business for the new economy:

Energy efficiency and low carbon services:

Energy audits (level 1, 2 or 3 or HVAC) and NABERS assessments.

Energy performance contracts with end-to-end project services.

Measurement and verification services.

Advisory and assurance:

Carbon advisory services with renewable and low carbon technologiesand projects

Carbon footprint assessment

Carbon neutral certification

Corporate responsibility assurance and NGERS reporting

Expert witness and independent reports

Assignments recently undertaken by EG

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