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Michael McCann

Michael McCann was a consultant on energy and greenhouse programs, policy and practice in Canberra since 1991. He has been involved in projects covering many aspects of residential and commercial energy efficiency, equipment energy efficiency, renewable energy, fuels and emissions, and alternative fuels with both Federal and State Government agencies, and with industry.

Michael moved to Perth in 2006 and is now a director of Thinkwell Australia Pty Ltd, and the SustainAbility Advice Team. Thinkwell is his private consulting company through which he continues to manage wide ranging and multi-disciplinary studies and research projects in energy and greenhouse. Since 2001 SustainAbility has conducted audits on more than 4,000 houses for the ACT Government under the program "Act Energy Wise', and offered extensive energy advice to thousands of householders through a related program, the Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT).

Among other things, Michael's work in the last decade has involved economic and regulatory assessment for the biodiesel industry, conduct of due diligence on new renewable energy technology for prospective investors, provision of advice and support to Government on aspects of the MEPS programs for appliances and equipment, including running testing programs for and advising on regulation of computer energy use, and on commercial HVAC and airconditioning systems. He has worked extensively on the issues of peak demand management, in households, commercial buildings and across the distribution grid. Michael has also spent some time working on the issues of transport demand management and the apparently ceaseless demand for transport fuels. The last six years particularly has included extensive research and analysis in HVAC&R, synthetic greenhouse gas markets, supply chains and end uses and commercial energy efficiency. His work in this area led to the HVAC High Efficiency Systems Strategy, a significant project under the National Energy Efficiency Strategy to develop and promulgate codes of best practice across the professional and technical workforce in the commercial HVAC industry.

Michael has worked on various consulting tasks with the International Energy Agency including in the role as editor of the IEA's 2004 review of 25 years of hydrogen energy research, ‘In Pursuit of the Future'. More recently, in 2011, he was contracted by the IEA to undertake a review of the effectiveness of MEPS on residential and commercial air conditioning and assessment of further energy efficiency opportunities in commercial air conditioning equipment in Australia.

Michael is presently directly involved in the commercialization of new energy technology including fund raising, patenting, and research and development for mass production of technology. He is also focused on the use of data gathering systems for real time decision making in energy supply and demand management strategies.