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Rod King, Technical Consultant

Rod King has over forty years of experience in the design, development, testing, compliance and manufacturing processes of electrical appliances for both New Zealand and international markets working in industry for Skope Industries and now as an independent technical consultant. This has required considerable understanding of the products, applications, markets and technical standards applicable to these products. It has also led to Rod developing wide ranging knowledge in international standards relating to energy efficiency and electrical safety applicable to both heating and refrigeration products.

For the last nine years Rod has operated his own consultancy business, Rod King Design Services, specialising in the fields of electrical appliance safety and the energy efficiency of commercial refrigeration equipment where he has sub-contracted to Expert Group on range of assignments including:

  • Report to inform a RIS Statement for potential MEPS on Refrigerated cabinets for Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (ECCA) on behalf of the national Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Committee.
  • Cost-benefit modelling and report to inform RIS for potential MEPS on fan units for Sustainability Victoria on behalf (E3) Committee.
  • Compliance and monitoring technical support for the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) regulator, the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

This work has included extensive standards work and technical involvement on the energy efficiency standards relating to commercial refrigerated cabinets and equipment as well as safety of electrical appliances, refrigerating systems, heat pumps and refrigerants.

Rod has been directly involved with the development of the commercial refrigerated equipment test methods and efficiency standards for Australia and New Zealand having worked extensively with these, initially as a stakeholder representative and then more recently as a consultant representing Government interests. Rod has also been directly involved over the last few years in the development of the International refrigerated display cabinet standard ISO 23953.

He has been involved as co-author on published technical reports covering test methods and reviews of efficiency of refrigerated cabinets and equipment, and efficiency strategies for the future. Rod was part of the international team that produced a report for CLASP/SEAD to identify and review global efficiency test methods, standards and regulatory regimes covering commercial refrigeration equipment. This resulted in a strong insight into how various parts of the world are developing requirements to improve the energy efficiency of refrigeration equipment.

Rod currently sits on a number of joint Australian New Zealand standards committees and International working groups including ME006, EL002 and several others.